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Top 4 Films this Month

1. The Red Turtle - I first saw this film in Paris at Cinema Du Pantheon, we had no idea what to expect, we had walked past the cinema, looked at the posters and settled on ‘la tortue rouge’ which claimed to have been produced by Studio Ghibli. I thought even if we can't understand it, it will be beautiful. We were both pleasantly surprised when we soon discovered the only dialogue used in the film is ‘HEY!’. This breathtakingly beautiful film depicts a strange tale of a man stranded on a island and his bizarre encounters with a red turtle.

2. Anomalisa - This brilliant stop-frame animation is about a seemingly ordinary, somewhat lonely man,coping with mundane life. We follow the protagonist as he flies to a hotel on business and encounters a girl named Lisa who he is oddly drawn too. It is a very simple and powerful film, with stunning visuals, the movement and realness of the characters is something to be admired.

3. Hunt For The Wilderpeople - I saw this film recently at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. I think this is a really special film, it is extremely heartwarming, filled with wonderful comedy that left me laughing long after the rest of the audience had stopped, real characters you fall in love with instantly, leaving you slightly hearbroken when the credits roll, and beautiful cinematography, featuring the stunning views of New Zealand’s vast Bush. The soundtrack is also brilliant, Ive been listening to ‘Seabird’ by Alessi Brothers on repeat since seeing it. I highly recommend this film, if you enjoyed disney’s ‘UP’ but fancy something with more adult humour, this film is one to watch

4. Swiss Army Man - This film is very similar to ‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople’ in its content and humour, in fact I’d say its a rather odd combination of all the films above, beginning with the protagonist stranded on an Island in the Pacific it follows his journey with an unexpected companion through the wilderness, as he comes to terms with his loneliness. This film was not what I expected, it was incredibly funny and oddly uplifting, its bizarre story was incredibly amusing and the soundtrack was genius! Its a very imaginative film and you can see the passion that has gone into making it.

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