As a personal project I created a fictitious forest called Skelvine. I invented the creatures that would inhabit the forest and illustrated them. The creatures are hybrids of animals you would find in the forest but with fantastical ablitities. I created a field guide on these creatures with information about how to handle them if found.

DATE -  2014

CLIENT - Personal

ROLE - Illustrator 


Crevans inhabit the part of Skelvine where the trees are the largest. The trees in Crevan Copse grow to 5 times the size of an average oak tree and have leaves the size of a human face. Crevans make huge nests out of thin branches and leaves. Crevans are carnivores, they mainly consist of newborn Welkins and even injured or vulnerable humans. Crevans fly by night and rest during the day. They have a melodious call similar to the notes of a piccolo.