As a personal project I created a fictitious forest called Skelvine. I invented the creatures that would inhabit the forest and illustrated them. The creatures are hybrids of animals you would find in the forest but with fantastical ablitities. I created a field guide on these creatures with information about how to handle them if found.

DATE -  2014

CLIENT - Personal

ROLE - Illustrator 


Serpentines lurk in the misty waters of the Cimmerian Blue in Skelvine Forest. Unlike snakes Serpentines have sharp teeth. In shallow waters Serpentines curl up and wait for their prey. After coiling around the victims legs they drag them out to the deeper areas of the lake. Serpentines have luminous properties. There is a strip of light along their scales which Serpentines use at night to find their way; it also attracts smaller water creatures that swim towards the light.