As a personal project I created a fictitious forest called Skelvine. I invented the creatures that would inhabit the forest and illustrated them. The creatures are hybrids of animals you would find in the forest but with fantastical ablitities. I created a field guide on these creatures with information about how to handle them if found.

DATE -  2014

CLIENT - Personal

ROLE - Illustrator 


Although this creature is attractive, a Luna Beloris will use it's beauty to to their advantage, captivating their victim before feeding on their blood. The saliva of a Luna Beloris left on the victims bite wound, has the ability to wipe the victim's memory and sense of direction. The effects are temporary but in some cases can lead to the victim's death. A Luna Beloris is naturally capable of true and sustained flight. They are twilight creatures and are most vicious on a full moon.