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I have been a part of the Brainchild team for 3 years now. The first year I attended I had some work displayed and helped out the decor team. After seeing my work at Secret Garden Party, Brainchilds art director asked me to create something similar for them. In 2016 I created a small piece with only four designs and constructed it myself prior to the festival. I was able to be more elaborate with my designs as I wasn't under the same time constraints as Secret Garden Party where I had to complete 8 boards in two days. This year I collaborated with 3 other illustrators to create a colouring concertina. This was a learning curve and taught me how to manage other artists and construct a larger scale piece. The boards were a lot bigger this time around and had more of an impact.

DATE -2016 - 2017

CLIENT - Brainchild

ROLE - Illustrator, Organiser and Constuctor



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